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Tammy Svetlik - Owner


CEO of Alpha Cheer & Dance Co



Cheyanne Partlow - All Star Cheer Director


Preschool & Recreational Director

Executive Competitive Teams Director

Alpha Cheer & Dance 1999 - 2010
Cheer & Dance Coach 2010 – Present
UCA All-American 2006-2011
NCA Champion 2007
NDA Champion 2009
WORLDS Champion 2009
National Champion Dance Lyrical Soloist - 10 yrs
USA Jr Olympic Gold Medalist 2006
USASF Cheer Certified

Sherry Johnson - Executive Gym Director



 2008-2010 UTPB Cheer Coach
 32 YEARS Tumbling, Trampoline, Cheer & Dance Experience
 Over 200 National Titles in Cheer, Dance, Tumbling and Trampoline
 1999-2000 - Largest Tumbling & Trampoline Program in the USA 2 yrs
 USA Gymnastics CLINIC T&T Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, Co
 USA  Gymnastics CLINIC T&T Salt Lake City, Utah
 USA  Gymnastics CLINIC T&T Levelland, Texas
 USASF Dance Worlds Regional Meetings & World Conference
 10 x NDA National Champion Coach
 5 x USASF Dance Worlds - World Champion Hip Hop COACH (09, 12, 15, 16)
 2 x USASF Dance Worlds SILVER Medalist Hip Hop COACH (07, 15)
 2 x USASF Dance Worlds BRONZE Medalist Hip Hop COACH (14, 16)
 2 x NCA National Champion Coach - (Jr Level 3, Sr Level 2) 2007, 2008
 NCA & NDA Technical Excellence, Innovative Choreography, Showmanship
 USASF Dance Judging Certification
 AACCA Cheerleading Safety Certification

Jordan Johnson - All-Star Dance Director

ARTISTIC/CREATIVE DIRECTOR                                                                      
Head Coach and Choreographer for Competitive Dance Programs                                                                            

Jordan has been a prestigious leader in the industry of USASF Dance. His innate ability to create and produce not only entertaining and intricate routines has rewarded him with such titles as 5 X USASF Dance Worlds Gold Medalist, 4 X Silver Medalist, and 4 X Bronze Medalist. Jordan’s Choreography always seems to be noticed by the judges at every competition as well rewarding him with numerous “Technical Excellence Awards”, “Innovative Choreography Awards”, Best in Show Awards” just to name a few. At World of Dance Houston the team won 2nd place and Crowd Favorite. and World of Dance Dallas the Team placed 3rd with "Crowd Favorite" and "Best Costume"

Jordan’s passion and love is to teach the ART of dance and what keeps him in the Dance Business. Jordan teaches his students the importance of character, hard work and commitment to their craft. Not only is this something he teaches but is something he leads by example. His favorite saying to the kids is “Don’t talk about it, Be about it”. Jordan has been consistently taking teams to USASF dance worlds since the very first in 2007 to date of the 2017 USASF dance worlds. Jordan moved out to Los Angeles, California in 2002 to aspire and chase his goals as a performer. He has trained at studios such as Millennium Dance Complex LA and Debbie Reynolds for well over a decade now learning and training with some of the greatest creators of past to present day. His passion and work ethic has lead him to be fortunate enough to now share his teaching all over the world. Jordan brings a unique positive energy and creates an atmosphere for the students to truly truly learn and grow in their art. Not only does he relate dance with life lessons but he pushes the mind to work as well as the physical, creating dancers of feeling and passion behind the technical aspect of the movements itself. Jordan truly stands by the meaning of art, positivity, encouragement and work ethic. 


2 x USASF Coach of the Year Nominee

10 x NDA National Champion Choreographer & Coach

5 x USASF Dance Worlds - World Champion Hip Hop (09, 12, 15, 16x2)

4 x USASF Dance Worlds Bronze Medalist Hip Hop Choreographer

3 x USASF Dance worlds Silver Medalist Hip Hop

3 x USASF Nations Cup Winner

2 x NCA National Champion Coach - (Junior Level 3, Senior Level 2) 2007, 2008

NCA National Champion (Cheer Athletics Wildcats) 2011, 

NCA & NDA Technical Excellence, Innovative Choreography, Showmanship Award & High Point 

Cheer Athletics Hall of Fame 

2014 World Of Dance 2nd Place & Crowd Favorite

2016 World Of Dance 3rd Place, Best Costume & Best Theme

Nike/Foot Locker KD8 International Commercial (Kevin Durant)

2015 America’s Got Talent

Dancer & Tumbler in "Jump" Music Video - Flo Rida

Featured Dancer & Tumbler at the ”American Music Awards" with Timbaland/Nelly Furtado/SoShy

Danced for Omarion "Ollussion Tour”

Danced in “Hoodie" & ”I get It In" Music Video by Omarion

Performed in "Bring It On" Movie 3 & 5 

Performed in Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush” & ”Fresh Beats Band”

Performed on Rob Dyrdek “Fantasy Factory” 

2015 Intra Island Music Tour (Hawaii) Choreographer for Aquile

Artistic Creative Director for Aquile from (Team Xtina) on "The Voice”

CMT Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders "Making the Team" Season 8 Guest Choreographer and Judge

Choreographed NFL Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa bay Bucks Halftime Christmas Show (Drummer Boy)

Choreographed NFL Divisional Playoff Game Halftime Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers

BET 106 & Park NYE Special Omarion

The Monique Show live with Omarion

Danielle Ihle - Dance Director/Costume Designer


 DANCE DIRECTOR - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary & Hip Hop
 Company Fashion Designer

 21+ years experience in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop and Modern Dance
 2013  Dancer for Selena Gomez Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Halftime Show
 2014-2015  Pro Level Pulse Protégé
 2014  Pulse Dance Tour Showcase/Fashion Show, by Tucker Barkley
 2016 USASF Dance Worlds - Nations Cup Winner
 2015 USASF World Champion Coach
 2016 USASF Dance Worlds - World Champion Open All Girl Hip Hop Coach/DancerFeatured Dancer on FOX "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 8 and Season 9
 Movement Talent Agency in Los Angeles, California
 Featured Dancer in the Short Film "Chosen" Los Angeles, CA 2016
 Aquile "The Voice" Season 3 (team Xtina) Hawaiian Island Tour Dancer 2015
 2013 CMT Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders "Making the Team" Season 8
2012 Pulse Dance Tour Showcase/NappyTabs Dancer, by Brian Friedman
 Competitive Dancer 13 years in the Bay Area of California, multiple AWARDS

Charles A Johnson - Director of Recreational Classes



 32 YEARS Tumbling, Trampoline & Cheer  Experience
 Over 200 National Titles in Cheer, Tumbling and Trampoline
 1999-2000 - Largest Tumbling & Trampoline Program in the USA 2 yrs
 USA Gymnastics CLINIC T&T Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, Co
 USA  Gymnastics CLINIC T&T Salt Lake City, Utah
 USA  Gymnastics CLINIC T&T Levelland, Texas
 USA Gymnastics Trampoline Judging Certification

Alex Thompson - All Star Cheer Coach


Lesli Ratliff - All Star Cheer Coach


Justin Smith - Recreational Coach


Taylor Miller - All Star & Recreational Coach


Shaheed Austin - Recreational Coach

Autumn Little - Tiny Recreatinal Coach

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