Cheerleading Classes


Jumps & Flexibility Class

Ages 7 +

This class is 30 minutes in duration and would be a great addition to your TUMBLING CLASS. We will work on developing STRONG Jump Technique Drills to develop flexibility, height and strength of upper body to master the PERFECT Jump! Be READY and prepare yourself to make your All-Star and/or School Cheer and Dance Team. 


Flyer Flexibility Class

Ages 6 +

Are you wanting to learn how to fly or perfect your Flyer Flexibility skills? A perfect fit for all skill levels this class is taught on the ground and will provide training on proper flyer positions as well as flexibility to learn or perfect your flying abilities. We will have class on Stunt Stands working all levels of skills from Tic-Tocs to Full ups. This is a 30 minute class and can be coupled with a Tumbling Class of your Choice.

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