Dance Classes

Dance Classes


Tiny Ballet

Ages 3 & 4 - Let your child have fun with this Basic Ballet & Jazz Class. They will develop the fundamentals of Ballet with a strong emphasis on technique and body alignment using the Barre. The music choices will have your child DANCING all day after class!!

Intro to Ballet

Ages 5 to 7 - This Class is an Introduction to Ballet Technique. We will work on body alignment, posture and ballet positions.

Jazz Funk Combo

Ages 8 & up - This Class is all about fun and sass! In this Class the dancers will warm up then learn a fun upbeat Jazz Funk Combination each week to the most popular pop songs.

Jazz Technique

Ages 8 & up - Jazz is a stylized and technical form of dance. This class begins with a warm-up to develop strength, flexibility, correct body alignment and coordination, followed by progressions across the floor, and will end with a fun and stylized jazz combination. (Jazz Shoes Required)

Body Alignment

Ages 5 - 10 - This Class is geared to help students strengthen the correct muscles for proper body alignment. In this class students will gain an understanding of how to use their muscles correctly to improve athleticism.


Ages 3 and up -  HIP HOP is an art form in Movement. If your child is always patting that foot or dancing every time they hear a song on the TV or Radio, then this is their CLASS! This class is designed to teach multiple dance styles such as Grooves, Jazz Funk, Popping & Locking, etc. The dancers will be taught to listen for the musicality, rhythm and beat of each style of music. We teach CLASS not TRASH to our students. Learning to dance to Musicality is more important than learning to TWERK. Come try one of our classes today!!

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