Preschool Tiny Classes

Tiny Classes

Tiny Cheer - Teamwork is always a key ingredient in a cheer program, because children learn trust and cooperation by working as a team. At our Tiny Cheer class the kids in our cheer program develop a true sense of teamwork while working on basic cheer skills including motions, jumps, and cheers.

Tiny Tumble - Its FUN, its healthy, and its play with a purpose! We will work basic tumbling skills including forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels along with basic balancing skills. We use lots of visual cues and progressions to also help them with memory skills.

Tiny Dance - Dance is an art form in Movement. If your child is always patting that foot or dancing every time they hear a song on the TV or Radio, then this is their CLASS! This class is designed to teach multiple dance styles. The tiny dancers will be taught to listen for the musicality, rhythm and beat of each style of music. 


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